Sīsamay 3 texts and 4 matches in Vinaya Pali

Sutta St Title Words Ct Mr Links Quote
pli-tv-kd5 5. Cammakkhandhaka The chapter on skins sīsamayā 1 21 En

“na, bhikkhave, tiṇapādukā dhāretabbā, na muñjapādukā dhāretabbā, na pabbajapādukā dhāretabbā, na hintālapādukā dhāretabbā, na kamalapādukā dhāretabbā, na kambalapādukā dhāretabbā, na sovaṇṇamayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na rūpiyamayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na maṇimayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na veḷuriyamayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na phalikamayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na kaṁsamayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na kācamayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na tipumayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na sīsamayā pādukā dhāretabbā, na tambalohamayā pādukā dhāretabbā.   
“You shouldn’t wear shoes made of grass, reed, the leaves of the fishtail palm, or wool; or shoes made with gold, silver, gems, beryl, crystal, bronze, glass, tin, lead, or copper.

pli-tv-kd15 15. Khuddakavatthukkhandhaka The chapter with short topics sīsamayo sīsamayan 2 48 En

na sīsamayo patto dhāretabbo …   
tipumayaṁ, sīsamayan”ti.   
bowl-rests made of tin and a bowl-rests made of lead.”

pli-tv-pvr7 7. Ekuttarikanaya 1. Ekakavāra 1. The section on ones sīsamayaṁ 1 0 En

tipumayaṁ, sīsamayaṁ.   
bowl stands made of tin, and a bowl stands made of lead.