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ā ī ū ḍ ḷ ṃ ṁ ṇ ṅ ñ ṭ

-la1 X - search for X, add 1 next line to output after lines containing X
X -exc Y - search for X, exclude Y
X -exc "Y(ti|nti)" - search for X, exclude Y ending with "ti" and "nti"
\\bX - beginning of the word or Y\\b end
X.*Y - any number of symbols between X and Y
X.{0,10}Y - from 0 to 10 symbols
X\\S*\\sY - next words X и Y, with variable ending of X
"X(\\S*\\s){0,3}Y" - distance of 0 to 2 words between X and Y with any ending of X
[aā] - multiple variants
"Sn56.*(seyyathāpi|adhivacan|ūpama|opama)" - search for all metaphors in Samyutta 56
"(a|b|c)" - search for few different patterns at the same time
'^"mn.*X' - find X in all Majjhimma Nikaya
dn22.*Y - find Y in DN22 only

AI can generate RegEx for Grep, e.g. here


All-round view on Four Noble Truths
in Pali Suttas and Vinaya.
Understand the real meaning
of Four Noble Truths
and finish the pain.


  1. Definition of the dukkha in Pali with quotes in English. Query is: -la1 Kata.*, dukkhaṁ\\?
  2. Sutta where Buddha says that he doesn't make ambiguous (dvayagāminī) statements in Pali with English quote
  3. All variants of the word paṭiccasamuppado in Pali with quotes in English
  4. All suttas about Eightfold Path in English
  5. All suttas that took place or related to Savathi in Thai
  6. All suttas where Sariputta was mentioned in Russian
  7. All suttas about or containing the word ocean in English
  8. All Suttas with metaphors & similies in Pali and English

How to Search

Tāni ce sutte osāriyamānāni vinaye sandassiyamānāni na ceva sutte osaranti, na ca vinaye sandissanti, niṭṭhamettha gantabbaṃ: "addhā, idaṃ na ceva tassa bhagavato vacanaṃ; imassa ca bhikkhuno duggahita"nti. Iti hetaṁ, bhikkhave, chaḍḍeyyātha.

If they (teachings, practices, methods, quotes, stories, anything associated with the Buddha) are not found in the Suttas and are not exhibited in the Vinaya, you should draw the conclusion: ‘Clearly this is not the word of the Blessed One. It has been wrongly understood by that monk.’ And so, monks, you should reject it.

dn16 an4.180

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Find.Dhamma.Gift is a Liberation Search Engine, it's a search tool based on and materials. You can search in Pali, Russian, Thai and English for meanings, definitions, metaphors, explanations, people, locations etc. described in Suttas and Vinaya.

Dhamma Enthusiasts, Developers and Contributors are warmly welcome, because project has great potential to find the real meaning of the texts. But! I'm not a developer and its just a bash script with php wrapper😊